Andrzej Popadiuk − Board Member of EFMD

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Andrzej Popadiuk, President of GFKM – Gdansk Foundation for Management Development, has been elected the Board Member of EFMD and EFMD Global Network. European Foundation for Management Development, with nearly 1000 institutional members from 91 countries, is the largest organisation of business schools and corporations in Europe and one of the most influential in the world. The nomination was announced at the 2019 EFMD Annual Conference/Annual General Assembly in Lisbon.

EFMD generates new ideas for modern management thinking and practice, enhances innovative executive education methodologies, fosters dialog between companies and management development institutions. EFMD runs prestigious EQUIS, EPAS, CLIP, EOCCS, BSIS & EDAF accreditations and certifications which raise the quality standards of management education and development.

GFKM is an active member of EFMD for 25 years. Andrzej Popadiuk is also a member of EFMD Program Accreditation Board.



Andrzej Popadiuk prezes GFKM, EFMD w Polsce


Andrzej Popadiuk prezes GFKM, członek zarzadu EFMD