GFKM joins the SEA-EU 2.0 alliance as an associate partner!

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European University of the Seas, or SEA-EU 2.0 in short, is an alliance of 6 European coastal universities. The association includes research centers from Gdansk, Cadiz (Spain), Brest (France), Kiel (Germany), Split (Croatia) and Malta.
The vision of the project is to create an international and interdisciplinary European University that will strengthen scientific cooperation as well as support innovation and knowledge transfer. An additional, equally important, objective is to increase the competitiveness of European higher education and ensure greater mobility of students and research staff.
SEA-EU 2.0 is not only an international alliance of European universities. It is also cooperation with the business community, research agencies, authorities, foundations, and educational institutions.
GFKM joins the alliance as an associate partner. As a foundation dealing with education and consulting, we endorse values such as cooperation, innovation and partnership for goals. We believe that they will allow for the implementation of better and increasingly more interesting projects.