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About the Program

The International Executive Master of Business Administration Program is conducted in Gdansk in English and Polish. The program integrates competencies in the fields of management, finance and HR that help to acquire, organize and deepen the managerial skills.

Executive MBA is the only program that offers such opportunities.

All the classes focus on practical aspects, ensuring that the participants can implement the latest solutions and methodologies in their daily duties. Our trainers are practitioners and experts in their fields of specialization and they share a wealth of experience with the students. Interactive teaching methods, exchange of experiences, views and current case studies are all important parts of their process.

A unique feature of our program is the ability to personalize the teaching process – students, in addition to obligatory subjects, study subjects within the chosen specialist path, in accordance with their preferences and educational needs.

The International Executive MBA Program is a process of comprehensive development of the participant, with accents distributed evenly on hard and soft subject matters. Individual coaching sessions help each student integrate knowledge and skills and develop their personal potential. By analyzing the potential of the participants at the beginning of their studies and at the last stage, we are able to optimize the learning process and evaluate its effects.

The Executive MBA program is a gateway to the latest in business knowledge, delivered by experts and practitioners. Their familiarity of every detail of the subject makes “difficult” classes become understandable and interesting. Executive MBA provides a broad spectrum of knowledge that every manager and entrepreneur should possess.

The studies are an excellent preparation for managing in the world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). Success in such conditions depends on fast and accurate decisions taken in ever-changing environment, with high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity. The Executive Master of Business Administration diploma boosts trust among employers and is synonymous with broad and practical business knowledge. It is a sign of the highest quality in education.

Program vaules

The core of the International Executive MBA program is the comprehensive development of competencies of each participant. The values embedded in the program are:

  • Personalization of the program
  • Study as a process of comprehensive development of the participant
  • Integration of knowledge and skills
  • A broad perspective on business
  • Preparation for effective operation in the VUCA world


Modern, dynamically changing world requires contemporary solutions and current knowledge. Use the power of the state-of-the-art tools that will be available in the International Executive MBA program in Gdansk:

  • Contemporary methods of potential’s assessment: 360-degree feedback, MindSonar®
  • Program tailored to specific career paths
  • Learning supported by LearnWay e-learning platform
  • Business simulation game
  • Up-to-date case studies
  • Trainers with business experience
  • Possibility of taking part in an international session at a leading business school: RSM Erasmus University


360⁰ Development

The most important goal of the Executive MBA program is the comprehensive development of the participant as a leader and manager. Individual elements of the program – coaching sessions and research such as the 360⁰ feedback – allow you not only to discover your strengths and weaknesses, but also learn how to successfully develop in the desired direction. These possibilities, combined with the highly interactive learning model adopted in the Program, allow you to convert your knowledge and skills into your own development pathway.

  • Impact360 – 360⁰ feedback survey
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Individual development path


The workshops in the Executive MBA program are designed to deliver practical skills and tools to maximize the benefits from the time spent on Executive MBA studies. In addition, the individual aspect of the program allows to find the methods that provide the best fit to the participant’s personal style of management.

Practicality in the International Executive MBA Program in Gdansk:

  • Classes based on current case studies
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Activity Based Learning – the method considered to be most suitable for developing practical skills in business
  • Integration of hard and soft skills
  • Competencies that can be directly implemented in the workplace
  • Networking – a community of people open to knowledge and development
  • Business English (40% of courses are taught in English)
  • Business visits
  • Meetings with top managers and business practicioners
  • Business simulation game
  • Program validated by RSM Erasmus University – one of the world’s leading business schools


One of the key factors contributing to the effectiveness of our program as a development tool is its consistency, achieved through the treatment of studies as a process. The subjects in each thematic block create a logical sequence with increasing level of advancement. An integral part of this process is an e-learning platform, complementing and extending the scope of the sessions. Its use also allows you to work in project teams between successive sessions of the program.

  • International Executive MBA Program is a process
  • It allows for progress evaluation, from the initial 360°feedback and MindSonar © surveys to the final evaluation
  • Provides an easy way to communicate between sessions through the e-learning platform
  • Project work is done in teams

Specialized tracks

In the second semester, a specialist path is selected, which the participant then follows to the completion of the program.

The path is chosen according to the interests and needs that participants reveal during their studies. The choice will also be influenced by the tools used: 360⁰ feedback and MindSonar®.

You can choose from the following three specialized paths:

Advanced Finance

  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Budgeting and Controlling
  • Psychology of Investing

Advanced Business Psychology

  • Negotiations
  • Diversity Management
  • Building Innovative teams
  • Personal Branding for Managers

Building a startup

  • Business Ideas
  • Designing the Solution
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Promotion Strategy

At least 10 participants are needed to start a particular specialized path.



I Semester

Strategic Management27
Economic Aspects of Management27
Financial Management27
Organisational Ethics9
Organisational Behaviour18
Business Information Systems27

II Semester

Management Accounting27
Process Management18
Innovation Management9
Project Management27
Team Management27
Public speaking9
Specialised path18

III Semester

Human Resource Management27
Leadership and Coaching27
Fundamentals of Business Law18
International Business Law9
Value management9
Strategic case study18
Specialised path18

IV Semester

Global Business18
Cultural diversity9
Individual Leadership Skills27
Integrated Business Simulation Game27
Strategic case study9
Specialised path36
International session in Rotterdam School of Management

Program Recruitment

Classes are taught in English and Polish (50/50).


  • Completed higher education
  • Minimum 3 years of managerial experience
  • Positive result of the interview


The International Executive MBA program in Gdansk is open for registration! 

To qualify for the program:

  • Submit the application form
  • Submit documents (copy of graduation certificate, employment certificate, photo ID)
  • Take part in the interview. The date of the interview will be agreed upon the verification of the documents
  • Pass an English test
  • Pay the interview fee of of 300 PLN net


9,900 PLN / semester

  • Payment should be made before the start of the semester (plus 23% VAT)
  • The price for the first and second semesters is guaranteed
  • For the third and fourth semesters, the price may be adjusted for inflation

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