Andrzej Żurawik

Powrót do kadry

Andrzej specializes in online marketing communication and is a successful entrepreneur. Over the past 11 years, his marketing company has managed communication for many significant brands and business services in the automotive industry. He combines strong theoretical foundations with extensive practical experience.

Marketing runs in his family – his parents were professors in this field. He graduated from the Management Faculty at the University of Gdańsk, specializing in marketing, and also completed Executive Master of Business Administration studies at the Gdansk Foundation for Management Development.

He has worked with various renowned companies, including VECTRA, AXN, TLC, GALEON, MEYN, LPP, and more. Through these experiences, he has gained valuable insights into a wide range of industries, such as telecommunications, television, luxury goods, manufacturing, and services. He provides high-quality marketing services for his clients, while also training and recruiting employees to manage or deal with marketing areas in their own companies.

During his training sessions, he places significant emphasis on the practical aspect of communication, working with the daily challenges faced by his listeners. The active approach he takes in conducting classes aims to equip his audience with practical knowledge and inspire them to apply it immediately in their work.

In his free time, Andrzej enjoys escaping from his professional activities by engaging in sports and trekking in the mountains with his family and his loyal Weimaraner.