Dariusz Filar

Dariusz Filar

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Professor Dariusz Filar is a graduate of the University of Gdansk in the field of foreign trade. He defended his doctorate and completed his habilitation in 1989. After graduation, he remained at the university, working successively from the assistant to the associate professor in 1992.

He specializes in macroeconomics, monetary policy and international management.

His lecture activities include: Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Michigan (1992-1995); Central European University (1998-2001); GFKM (since 1996).

He was the chief economist of the PKO Bank; then a member of the Monetary Policy Council (2004-2010). Member of the Economic Council of the Prime Minister 2010-2014).

Author of numerous articles and commentaries in the field of economics, including in The Wall Street Journal. From 1989, he was associated with the editorial team of the Przegląd Polityczny quarterly.