Igor Gielniak

Igor Gielniak

Powrót do kadry

Igor Gielniak is a practitioner, entrepreneur, manager. He skillfully combines wide theoretical knowledge with practical activity. In 1988, he founded his first own company, developing it to the level of a leader in its industry within 5 years. He participated in many training courses, including in the USA and Norway. For three years, he has been using the services of some of the best consultants in the USA in his own company.

During many years of his practice, he had the opportunity to work with business partners from  numerous countries around the world learning about their specificity and diversity.

He has been dealing with crisis management in companies (Turnaround Management) for over 15 years with great success. He also lectures on this topic. In addition to change management, his areas of interest are: controlling and management accounting, IT, logistics, finance, marketing and sales.

He has 30-year experience in managing enterprises. He speaks English, Spanish, German and Russian.

In his free time he rides a bike, goes skiing, sailing on a regatta boat, learns foreign languages and solves mathematical and logical puzzles.