Janusz Janczarski

Janusz Janczarski

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Janusz Janczarski specializes in training dedicated to middle and senior managerial staff  in the areas of management accounting, controlling, Value Based Management and Balanced Scorecard.

As a Board Member of many companies, he was and still is responsible for the development and implementation of the business strategies in the companies he manages. In the area of consulting, he has developed projects in the field of management and management accounting for such companies as:

Demuth Service Sp. z o.o. SKA, GZNF Sp. z o.o. , PWPW S.A., PRCiP Sp. z o.o., Poczta Polska, PSE S.A., PCC Rokita S.A.

He has completed MBA program organized by Gdansk Foundation for Management Development, the University of Strathclyde Glasgow and the University of Gdansk. On the MBA GFKM program, he delivers classes in management accounting.

He has gained his professional experience by working for, among others:

Energa Operator S.A., Demuth Omega Sp. z o.o. Immobilia SKA, PRCiP Sp. z o.o., ExpoArena S.A., PCT Gdansk, Siarkopol Gdansk S.A., SGS Sp. z o.o.

He is interested in economics, management, history and sports, among others, running.