Katarzyna Chrulska

Katarzyna Chrulska

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Business trainer, specialist in intercultural communication, cultural differences, international negotiations and project management.

In her professional career, she is primarily looking for challenges and tasks related to the international environment. Among others, she worked as an Import & Logistics Manager in a company importing coffee from South America, as a Business Processes & Quality Manager and as a Chief Human Resources Officer in an international production company. She has been responsible for the development and implementation of the process management system and Balanced Scorecard performance tool.

She is an author of organizational and management strategies as well as human resources management strategies in an intercultural corporation. She also worked as a Purchasing and Logistics Director in a furniture factory. The most interesting task in this position was to build effective relationships with foreign suppliers in Europe, Asia and Central America. She currently works as a manager at Gaz-System. In everyday work, she uses knowledge and experience in managing international projects. She represents the company during meetings and international conferences as a panelist or moderator.

She is a certified MATRIK Trainer according to British training standards. In addition to management and marketing at the Gdansk University of Technology, she completed Executive MBA program at GFKM. As part of the MBA diploma project she conducted research on the culture of business: “Cultural differences in international business. Comparison of Polish business culture with the cultures of selected trading partners “. The project was researched and written under the care of the American cultural models’ creator Richard Gesteland.

She conducted training courses, among others, for:

Morska Agencja Gdynia, GAZ-SYSTEM, Chamber of Commerce for Gas Industry, Danone, Arcerol Mitall, Pandora, APERAM

The participants of the classes especially appreciate Katarzyna Chrulska for being an active manager and trainer. She has huge international experience, which she can convey interactively and interestingly. She heard many times in life: “you inspired me”, “I cannot wait to implement what I learned in this training in my work” and “I’ve worked in the international environment for many years and I did not expect anything special with this training; it turned out that the trainer not only organized my knowledge on intercultural topics, but also inspired me and encouraged me to further deepen my understanding of this topic.”

Katarzyna Chrulska is the author of articles in the field of intercultural communication and cultural differences, including, among others, “Business in Chinese” in the West Pomeranian Entrepreneur and a series of articles in the magazine Dimensions of Culture.

Privately, she loves to travel (both business and private) to experience cultural differences live. She has friends on all six continents. She has visited over 70 countries.