Young Leader Academy –  Szczecin

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Young Leader Academy  Szczecin 

The first edition of the Young Leader Academy in Szczecin is to be launched!

After the success of two Gdansk editions, we are starting the first edition of the Young Leader Academy in Szczecin. The assumptions are similar: we should like to transfer knowledge, open up possibilities of education and raise leadership competences for people who come from foundations, associations, startups and cannot afford to invest in their professional training. Unfortunately, the number of places is limited to 18. Almost 100 people applied for the II edition of the Academy of the Young Leader. Only lucky 18 will be able to participate workshops on leadership, recruitment or finance. For participants it will be also a chance to exchange experiences, make friends and gain invaluable knowledge.


This is how participants from the Gdansk edition describe their experiences from the Academy of the Young Leader: I am impressed by the high quality of workshops and trainers. They are people with extensive professional experience and of high professionalism. Each workshop is useful for a person who is a leader, a boss or a manager. A lot of practical knowledge. Mega inspirational. Superb people and new business contacts. Substantial knowledge presented in an interesting way. After these five days, many people opened up their eyes wide and broadened their perspective, sorted out the knowledge and identified the direction of their further career paths. We are happy that we can support the development of young leaders and we just cannot wait for the Szczecin edition!









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