Marek Kacprzak about the MBA Program

We invite you to read and watch an interview with one of the Executive MBA program graduates at GFKM – Marek Kacprzak, a journalist, spokesperson, and communications director!

At GFKM, we highly value the opinions of our students. They are the true testament to the fact that our MBA program at GFKM is simply outstanding and substantive. What impressions do our Executive MBA graduates have after completing the program? We asked Marek Kacprzak, a journalist, spokesperson, and communications director, to share his experiences!

Why have you decided to join the Executive MBA Program?

I decided to pursue the Executive MBA program for the opportunity it offers for comprehensive development. As someone working in the media industry, I am aware that the broader one’s knowledge, the better. This applies not only to understanding the world around us but also to management and leading teams of people. Executive MBA, in my perception, provides managerial competencies at the highest level.

Working in the media sector, which is subject to incredible and rapid changes, every skill that helps one adapt to new situations, work with new people, and engage in new projects is valuable. That’s why I was drawn to the Executive MBA program. In the media world, we are all journalists, working on television or writing articles. However, very often, we are also involved in producing programs and creating new formats. This process resembles developing an entirely new product in any other business. It becomes another project that requires research, invention, and establishing networks among people. The skills acquired through the MBA program are simply indispensable in such situations.

Did the program meet your expectations?

Yes, the Executive MBA program at GFKM fulfilled my expectations because it provided a broad and comprehensive view. The classes were very in-depth and covered various areas across the entire business spectrum that I hadn’t encountered before. While subjects like soft management, marketing, PR, and brand creation were somewhat familiar to me, the realm of finance, financial management, and accounting were entirely new aspects that I had the opportunity to explore here. As a result, I now have a better understanding of the media business in which I work.

Every business ultimately aims to generate profits, so having a grasp of all these mechanisms definitely makes it easier to navigate and excel in the industry. The Executive MBA program broadened my knowledge and enabled me to comprehend the bigger picture of how businesses operate.

What advice could you give to potential candidates for MBA studies?

First and foremost, anyone considering an MBA program should ask themselves why they need it and what they expect to gain from it. The MBA program itself is one aspect, but what you can take away from it between classes, the amount of literature you read, and the aspects you focus on are equally important. You can simply attend classes and absorb the knowledge presented to you, but there is much more to be gained from these studies with clear self-awareness of your goals. Do you aim to build a network, expand your knowledge, or acquire specific skills? If you seek a comprehensive understanding of management and business, then an MBA program can be highly valuable.

How do you evaluate the MBA program from your perspective?

I am extremely satisfied. The MBA program, specifically the Executive MBA program at GFKM, exceeded my expectations. There were several moments that truly surprised me. You go into classes and wonder, “What more can I learn here? What haven’t I known yet?” Suddenly, you encounter practitioners, people who have hands-on experience in specific business areas. Their knowledge is so incredible that they don’t simply say, “Refer to the literature” or “Read an article to find out.” Throughout the two years, I cannot recall any situation where any question remained unanswered, which is truly remarkable. We had a group of nearly 30 individuals, each holding high or executive positions, with diverse perspectives on the business world, and every time they received feedback and answers. This made me feel like I was truly collaborating with experts.

Why did you choose GFKM?

One reason was quite rational, which was the structure of the program. Compared to other programs I looked into, the Executive MBA at GFKM seemed to offer the highest number of instructional hours. Despite MBA programs typically lasting two years, this one had an exceptionally large number of hours. I assumed this would mean more knowledge to gain. Additionally, there were practical aspects that worked well for me. Firstly, the classes were held in the center of Warsaw, at the Business Centre Club headquarters, making it logistically convenient. Secondly, the classes were condensed into weekend blocks, meaning I didn’t have to figure out how to take multiple workdays off. Classes were held once a month for a full weekend, making it the most practical and pragmatic schedule for me.

How do you evaluate the organization of the Executive MBA program?

I personally really liked the organization and structure of the program because, compared to traditional universities, GFKM has a stronger focus on the business and training sector. The standards are very high, materials are always provided on time, and we get to know well in advance who will be teaching us and why. Halina, who is always mentioned by students, serves as a guardian and a mentor to all students. It’s incredible to have a Business School that genuinely cares for each student. This was evident even during the preparation of our final theses, where there was always a sense that you could ask for help and support. It’s not like the classic dean’s office, where you wait in line and either get served or not. Here, it’s different. I always felt like someone would remind me of deadlines or exam dates, ensuring I was well-informed throughout the entire program.

The Executive MBA program at the Professor Wojciech Rybowskiego Business School has many years of experience and proven quality. They have been shaping and educating generations of managers, leaders, and people managing others not only in Poland but also abroad for over 30 years. International accreditations, the highest standards, quality certifications, and cross-sector cooperation are important indicators of quality and the advantages of participating in the MBA program at GFKM. However, the opinions of our students and alumni matter most to us. At GFKM, we understand the realities of the business world and collaborate with practitioners from various industries. Our faculty must have contact with true experts. Our alumni are a testament that the MBA program at GFKM is simply excellent, substantive, and modern postgraduate studies.

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You can find more information about our Executive MBA Program, which is not only conducted in Warsaw but also in Gdańsk, Katowice, Płock, and many other cities, on our website: Executive MBA at GFKM

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