Leading through uncertainty

Powrót do aktualności

Covid-19 gives a perfect current illustration of what the US Army War College described as a VUCA environment over 30 years ago. How do you lead when volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity cloud the horizon to the point of making any forecast meaningless?

Dr Schubert will introduce a simple yet powerful model to think through uncertainty. The model can help managers start getting a grip on one of the four VUCA elements. He became acquainted with it when training business analysts from a world-leading consultancy in advanced strategy concepts.

The presentation of the model will then lead to a broader reflection on the executive role in a VUCA environment. Even when Covid-19 will have disappeared, operating environments will remain difficult to predict for the next years if not decades. This has serious implications for how managers and leaders define their role in steering their organisations into the future.

Length of webinar: 45min presentation (including one exercise) + 15min Q&A

26 maja, godz. 12:00-13:00

Zapisy do 25 maja, do godz. 18:00

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Stephan Schubert

Dr Schubert is a Senior Member of Faculty at Ashridge in the UK, and an associate faculty member at INSEAD, Denmark Technical University and GFKM. He has been leading the strategic management module on GFKM’s MBA program for many years. At Ashridge he is the Director of the NATO Executive Development Program, which stretches over five week-long modules and is delivered annually for the benefit of senior staff from the Alliance.

His areas of expertise and interest are strategy, decision making, organisational behaviour and leadership. Based in London, he has worked with around 60 client organisations and taught in 32 countries.