Executive MBA ACCA

About the program

About the Program

The ACCA Finance and Accounting postgraduate program is intended to enhance contemporary business management, auditing, risk management, strategic planning, law and taxation knowledge and skills. The degree program constitutes the first step in gaining the prestigious ACCA qualification, which nowadays is essential in professional accounting and finance career, both at home and abroad.

The ACCA + MBA postgraduate studies allow modules F5 – F9 to be credited for when applying for the full ACCA qualification. Graduates can choose two paths in applying for this qualification. The first entails further studies at the ‘professional’ level and provide the advantage of F5-F9 exam exemption, whereas the second path involves application to ACCA for the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business qualification. This, however, requires passing the ACCA ethics module exam, followed by three-year professional experience in finance, and passing, this time at ACCA, two of any of the five F5-F9 level exams. Selecting the second path does not preclude one from taking the ‘professional’ level exam at a later date.

Program Schedule

ACCA subjects

Subject Credit Hours
Project Management E 56
Taxation E 78
Financial reporting E 90
Audit and Assurance E 44
Financial management E 52
Total 320
writing exam
control work
group project
active participation in classes

MBA supplement to ACCA

Subject Credit Hours
Strategic business simulation game PG 54
Behaviour in organization A 18
Effective team management A 18
Conducting meetings and presentations A 9
Business ethics and CSR A 9
Business development strategies E 27
Economic aspects of management PK 18
Marketing management E 27
Diversity management A 9
Innovative leader - innovative team A 27
Human resource management E 27
Modern ICT technologies - manager's perspective PG 18
Legal aspects of business activity 18 PK
International law in manager's practise A 9
Results-oriented leadership A 18
Global business and cultural differences PG 27
Change management A 18
Digital marketing A 9
Total 360
writing exam
control work
group project
active participation in classes
Total 680


Program Organization

Classes are held online once or twice a month in 3-day sessions (Friday-Sunday); the hours are as follows:

  • Friday: 11.00-19.00
  • Saturday: 09.00-17.00
  • Sunday: 09.00 -17.00

The classes begin in October 2024.

Location of the exam session: Gdańsk

After successfully completing the Executive MBA Programme, the students receive an Executive MBA diploma signed by all of the partnering organizations:

  • IAE Aix-Marseille
  • Sopot University of Applied Sciences
  • Gdansk Foundation for Management Development

and a graduation certificate for the Postgraduate MBA ACCA course by Sopot University of Applied Sciences, issued in English and Polish

The conditions which have to be met to receive the diploma:

  • Positive grade for all subjects covered by the Programme
  • Positive grade for the diploma project from the mentor and the reviewer
  • Passing grades for 5 exams accredited by ACCA (F5-F9)

You can download Executive MBA ACCA Program Regulations by clicking here.


Admission conditions for the Executive MBA Programme
  • University degree,
  • At least three years of confirmed professional experience,
  • Basic knowledge of accounting,
  • Managerial aptitudes, as well as conditions and motivation to participate in the Programme.
The admission process

To qualify for the programme, do the following:

  • Fill in the admission form
  • Send the documents (copy of a university  diploma, proof of employment)
  • Pay the admission fee of PLN 300 (+ 23% VAT)
  • Complete the English language test and go to the admission interview, which will be in English. The date for the test and the admission interview will be agreed after the documents have been checked.



Price for
the program
per year
Price per semester Installment
Lump sum
PLN 47 600
Payment in 2 instalment PLN 49 000 PLN 24 500
Payment in 4 semestral instalments PLN 50 800 PLN 12 700
Payment in 20 instalments PLN 52 400 PLN 2 620


  • Prices are net of VAT. Add VAT at 23% to all prices.
  • For payments in 4 semester instalments, the fee for each semester is paid before the semester commences.
  • For payments in 2 instalments, the first instalment is paid before the first semester commences, the second before the third semester commences.
  • For payment in 20 instalments, the payment dates will be fixed before the Program commences.
  • The fee for semesters 3 and 4 may be adjusted for the price increase index.
Bank transfer details

Application form

If you are interested in participating in the program and meet the criteria, please fill in the application form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ACCA better than MBA?

MBA and MBA ACCA qualifications are of a different nature, so they cannot be compared, to say which is better. They are simply different. MBA provides management competencies, while MBA ACCA provides management competencies also in the area of finance and accounting.

Can I apply for MBA with ACCA?

Yes, you may apply to for a postgraduate MBA ACCA course. It is a combination of a management course with a finance and accounting course.

Is ACCA useful in Europe?

ACCA qualifications are recognised globally. In some countries the full ACCA qualifications (exams F1-F13) allow people who hold them to audit financial statements.  In Poland the full ACCA qualifications are equivalent to those of a statutory auditor. The full auditor’s qualifications are received after passing an additional Polish law exam.

In which countries can we study for ACCA?

ACCA courses (F5-F9) can be taken worldwide in ACCA accredited organizations. These organizations are usually also authorised to conduct exams in this field. The F10-F13 courses may also be taken in accredited organizations, however, such organizations cannot conduct exams at this level. The F10-F13 level exams may be taken remotely from any location in the world, but only in ACCA examination centres.

Which European country is best for ACCA?

It makes no difference where you study and take ACCA exams. The diplomas issued by ACCA accredited organizations are recognised by employers worldwide. This is truly a global qualification.

Will I earn more with ACCA?

In our experience the salaries of graduates from ACCA courses at F5-F9 level go up by 1/3.


Angelika Kędzierska-Szczepaniak

dr hab. Angelika Kędzierska-Szczepaniak
Dyrektor Programu MBA
Tel.: +48 58 558 58 58 wew. 310
Tel. kom.: +48 880 102 722
E-mail: a.kedzierska-szczepaniak@gfkm.pl

Halina Frątczak

Dyrektor ds. Organizacji MBA
Tel.: +48 58 558 58 58 wew. 310
Tel. kom.: +48 600 095 672
E-mail: h.fratczak@gfkm.pl

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